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You must CHANGE the way you live

It’s easy to take a pill and have a go. That is possible for almost every man on the planet suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome. However, you can’t be thinking that the pills are the only way. There are many ways onhow to improve erection.

  1. Start to eat healthy

You don’t have to go vegan, but you should limit those fatty burritos in the morning and after midnight and you should definitely let go of that deep-fried fries. “Why should I do that?” Well, you are suffering from a ED syndrome, that’s quite a big reason to improve some of the habits we have.

  1. Some food has a positive impact

There are certain types of fruits, vegetables and pulses that have amazing positive impact on your health and your fella in the pants.

Eating healthy is the BASIS

We are still putting so little effort into rethinking of what we eat, that we are becoming more and more damaged by our “choices”. OF course, we have a sudden revelation, but only after it hits us hard, just like erectile dysfunction. Its not only a thing of balanced psychological state, but also of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t have functioning body living off of fats and carbs.